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We now design stunning interiors as well as our much loved landscapes. Jenny has joined the design team and with her experience and training I am delighted to welcome her.

We have a new website to promote and present our passion for great design. where landscape design and interior design merge to offer our clients a complimentary design service that delivers far superior results than the two separate design entities.

Please visit to see what’s new and what we can now offer you – many thanks.

Welcome to my website. If you need some gardening advice or landscape design services you have come to right place! On this site you’ll find examples of my designs and the landscapes we have created for real. You’ll also find articles I have written for papers, magazines and for my blog which you’ll be able to read for free.

I have been designing gardens and landscapes since 2007 and during this time I have created natural native gardens, edible gardens, Mediterranean gardens, self sufficient gardens, farm house gardens and modern urban minimalist gardens – you name it I’ve designed it but my real interest is in modern self-sufficiency!

My passion is for rural self sufficient landscapes based on the aim for the owners to become less tied to shopping at the supermarket and buying fossil fuel derived power. Designing these self sufficient gardens is what I love to do! There’s nothing more satisfying that knowing your property can supply you with delicious fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds as well as meat, milk, cheese, eggs perhaps most important of all power and clean water – and as bonus making it look great!

The main aim of this site is to demonstrate my experience and capability as a designer and to help you design, create and maintain a beautiful garden or landscape where ever you are.

Most of my design work is based in New Zealand and the majority of that in Marlborough – home of Sauvignon blanc. Having said that I find that designing for people all over the country and for international clients is simple and effective these days.

If you are local in the top of the south then I can come and visit your property but if you are out of the area or even overseas I can design a fabulous environment for you and your family without leaving mine!

Designing for international clients has never been easier and more economical. All I need is some images of your property, an address and a completed client brief. This gives me all the information I need to create your new garden.

Once the concepts are complete we can discuss them on skype. I suggest working from the concepts as my experience has shown that the need to be flexible during a build is very important. This allows for a small amount of personal interpretation on your behalf – adding some personal touches here and there!

Here you’ll find some useful information.

Our mission is to create spectacular landscapes that are sympathetic to their local environment and practical for their owners. We believe great design is a partnership between beauty and reality. Each garden is as different as their owners yet have common elements of good practical design and outstanding aesthetics.

I hope you enjoy looking at the site and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Many thanks, Christo.


Having notched 80 countries in my traveling belt I like to think I have a fair idea of the wider world. I have seen gardens in all 80 countries but France, Iran, Thailand, The USA, South Africa, Curacao, Djibouti, Malaysia stand out, but most memorial of all is where I grew up – Otley Hall, Suffolk. Continuously placed in the top ten private gardens in the UK!
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Creativity alone is not enough to create the best gardens. The amazing and beautiful needs to be balanced and merged with the practical and the functional. Your garden is not a show garden – it has to fit your lifestyle and we can design your practical requirements with the aesthetics that you are seeking. We specialise in designing beautiful, practical areas that cover all your bases!
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Once you sign off on the plans we will help you choose a contractor to install your garden. We recommend chatting to a few contractors to see whom you fit with. Get a number of quotes. Read More…