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Welcome to our Projects Page:

I have selected a number of our projects to demonstrate our wide range of accomplishments and skills.
We have successfully completed literally hundreds of designs and builds but we can only show you a few here. I hope there is something here that you can imagine could suit your property.

  • Native Riparian Creek
    Native Riparian Creek
    We started with a splinter of gardens along a narrow spring fed ditch bordered by another Sauvignon Blanc vineyard. A year or so later the stunning results speak for themselves! The land was completely flat to start with. Every plant except the 2 mature Plane trees and the 4 mature weeping willows was removed, those […]
  • Sub Tropical Courtyard
    Sub Tropical Courtyard
    Nestled in to the side of steep hill this courtyard garden was designed to give the clients shelter from the prevailing westerly winds. The home is set on the dry hills south of Blenheim yet we have managed to create a frost free pocket here so we can grow sub tropicals such as banana, pineapples, […]
  • A Bach for all Seasons
    A Bach for all Seasons
    A previously steep bush clad section has been transformed into a sounds paradise. A steep slope required complicated calculations to create new levels and retaining walls that not only provided for function but for aesthetics also. The owners brief was that they wanted a fireplace and a natural BBQ. That was it. The rest was […]
  • Town House
    Town House
    This modern architecturally designed home required some serious landscaping. A small section required big thinking. The smaller the space the more challenging the design is. We tried and succeeded ii incorporating all the owners requirements yet still had plenty of room left over. The simple, clean lines create a harmonic feel and make the garden […]
  • Hawkesbury Haven
    Hawkesbury Haven
    This superb Burmeister designed home now has a garden and grounds to match. The separate lawns offer protection from the ever changing winds. The pool is sheltered by a mature hornbeam hedge that we removed from another property and transplanted around the pool. What a superb job!
  • Sounds Koru
    Sounds Koru
    This natural native garden is all that and more. The spiral kwila deck has been shaped in the form of an 3D Koru. The raised Koru boardwalk takes us on a journey from the house in a ever tightening spiral to a fire pit centered. There are many exits along the way to enjoy the […]
  • A Modern Classic.
    A Modern Classic.
    This new home needed a new garden. The architecture cried out for something bold, something beautiful. We designed a garden to complement the architecture and suit the owners requirements for low maintenance. Let the pictures tell the story! Pictures coming soon.
  • A fresh look at traditional techniques.
    A fresh look at traditional techniques.
    Here at Hunter’s Winery on Rapaura road in sunny Marlborough you can see a traditional use of different materials. Based of the traditional woven fence from England we have used last years prunings from Hunter’s award winning Sauvignon Blanc vines. This sympathetic use of local materials is a first as far as I know. The […]
  • A Bamboo Garden
    A Bamboo Garden
    Marlborough’s most loved Chinese restaurant was designed by PlanIT and the gardens were designed by us. What else could we do? A bamboo garden of course. This attractive street frontage was designed to be minimal hassle and compliment the architecture rather than smother it. Nest time you’re on your way for a delicious meal check […]
  • Babich Winery – Fielder Close, Riverlands.
    Babich Winery – Fielder Close, Riverlands.